Rainy Aesthetic: What is a “thing”

On this chilly Monday afternoon, I look outside my window and am reaping my reward of wishing for cooler stereotypical fall weather. When the weather gets cooler I feel more inclined to go hiking, since I get to wear beanies and pretend to be in an REI or North Face ad. You know what I’m talking about- the ones where the ridiculously good looking people are hiking in like 200 dollar (at least) outfits, no dirt, no sweat, and carrying what looks like either a delightful picnic for the top of Machu Pichu or survival gear? That was a hell of a run on sentence, but you get the aesthetic I’m talking about.

I started collecting pins and patches for my backpack when I was a junior in college and went on my European Vacation. I used to pick up patches and stuff when I was little, and by “me” I mean my parents. I still have the green patch covered bag. So when I decided to go abroad I decided to re-ignite that habit. To this day I don’t know why I stopped collecting for that weird adolescent/teenage period of time. I must have thought I was either too cool, or wanted a souvenir other than a pin. (dumb.)


There it is! My trusty bag and camera. Photo taken like your stereotypical instagramer. (btw my instagram user name is m.e.rose12)

Honestly, like not to sound too metaphorical and deep, but on this quiet Monday afternoon I kinda asked myself while posting pictures for this post, “Why are these pins so important to you?” which led me to the thought, “What is the nature of a thing?”

Ultimately, I think the “nature” of a thing is the emphasis and intention a person gives it. I enjoy collecting pins and patches because it gives me a sense of accomplishment to see them building up on my bag. I enjoy looking for them in souvenir shops, and am looking forward to when this bag is so covered, I have to find a new one to keep adding patches to. (fyi, I already know which bag I am using next.) For me these little kitchy things don’t necessarily “make” the trip worth having. More like, I feel that they are inspiration and motivation to myself to continue exploring my life and what it has to offer.

I dunno. They’re also cute.

Apple Orchards



It’s almost that time of year again for apple picking! I took these photos when I was out in the Shenandoah Valley at an Orchard called Hartland Orchard. I’ve gone there a couple of times and I’ve never been disappointed. It’s not QUITE apple season here, but I’m excited to take a day trip out here again to pick some produce!

The Shenandoah Valley is gorgeous in the fall. Most of the time I drag my friend up here with me, and she is stuck keeping me company as I take a bunch of pictures. She’s a good sport about it though and teases me about it all the time. Since I like to do landscapes and florals she sometimes points at weeds and is like, “hey Meg. You gonna need a pic of this?”

Which I inevitably do.

OCEAN water




I live in Virginia, and frankly it doesn’t get cold until, like, November. So, it’s currently in the 90s. Which is fine, except for the part where I’m ready for visiting the beach in cooler weather. Imagine- nicer temperatures and sweaters. And hot coffee. And good food.

I’m ready for fall like the rest of the human race.

ANYWAY. I don’t have a super romantic story a la the past 3 posts about these pictures. This is more of me just being wistful and wishing the weather WOULD COOL THE HELL DOWN A COUPLE OF NOCHES LIKE SHIT. Warm beaches are nice, but visiting beaches in the fall when things have cooled down just seems nice. You get bonfires, and sweaters, and hot beverages…. like doesn’t that sound nice?! It does to me!

P.S. I took these pictures at Virginia Beach while visiting a friend. Coincidentally there was a Noreaster storm going through. My friend and I were set to drive down to a condo, and we realized there was going to be the winter equivalent of a tropical storm. We considered, for a bold 5 minutes, delaying our trip. Then we realized, “nah,” AND GOT IN THE CAR ANYWAYS CAUSE THAT’S WHAT WINNERS DO. So! We had a total blast. The beach and the bars were pretty empty due to the weather, but that’s ok! We got to hang out with some really down to earth bartenders along the boardwalk. We ended up talking about old fashions and whiskey vs scotch. And for some reason my bar talk ended up about French in the second World War. Dunno how that happened but at the time it seemed like a great idea.

Bottom line. Fall/winter beaches? Pretty legit.