I wake with the story of my life ringing in my ears, a dream barely forgotten, and a pulsating of anxious energy. It is raining again this January morning. The sun weakly smiles through clouds of intermittent thunderstorms relieving me of the damp that has settled into the soles of my feet. The rain is not lead. Yet for me it is not peace. It is a call to stillness and silence that weighs my restless mind to soil. I am anxious about the future. this endless rain does not soothe but rather ignites the desires that have rooted in me and pulls me up and forward with the knowledge that my physical body can only move so fast. It is exhausting.

I woke this morning dreaming of whales. I looked at a website and it contained such pointers as, “emotion, creativity, breath of life, compassion and solitude.” I am an emotional creature dependent on the encouragement and touch of others. solitude frightens me. yet I will not pretend that a breath of creativity has swept through my body like spring. I feel as I once did. I am listening to the style of song and the style of art that is simplistic at its base and exudes a melancholy joy and appreciation for the least expensive pleasures available. I say melancholy, but perhaps that isn’t quite right. It is a joy that is not forced, it is a realness of experience and attitude that is not dripping in excitement and money. But is has waves of a reality burdened by price tag and desperation for interaction. Desperation that clings beautifully to people.

I woke this morning with a need for air.

I woke this morning with a need to feel alive.


Alright. Building off of the ceramics bit, here is a look of the painting I’ve been doing! I Never really considered paint until I started taking art classes in college- I took an Intro to Design class, Drawing I, and Ceramics I, by the way. (Just to solve the riddle of exactly how many I took.)

These inspiration for this collection (I can’t believe I have a collection…) came from a couple of different sources.

  1. My absolute love for color
  2. Drawing 1
  3. Meditation

I’ve gone and discussed my love for color a bunch in a bunch of different posts so I won’t spend too much time on that topic here. Basically, color is vibrant, color is emotional, color feeds into my mantra, “life is fun!”

I ended up taking a drawing class during the latter portion of college. The professor began the course deconstructing all that I had previously considered, “drawing.” I learned about the concept of the, “mark” on a page and how that translates visually. The line is the fundamental element of “marking” a page and therefore is the basis for everything else. Within this collection I decided I wanted to explore the impact of line and it’s cleanliness or un-cleanliness in direct contrast to something more abstract.

So it so happened that after this drawing class I discovered that my campus had a meditation course. Which, as you would expect, was the fluffiest, happiest class I have ever taken in my life. I loved it. You sat in a quiet, nice smelling room for 3 hours a week and learned to meditate. Over the course of this class I learned a lot of junk about myself, including that I needed to stop my over analyzing of literally everything, and to invite spontaneity and fun into my life.The final project of the course was to create something that had to do with mindfulness. It didn’t matter what. Well, I decided that my project would be an impulsive piece of painting that I did not plan AT ALL. The time it took to complete didn’t matter so long as I was in a meditative state, or at least not thinking, and went with what felt right. This was the piece that I ended up with:


I enjoyed the process so much I decided to do more. Over the course of about a year I would create these pieces when I felt like I wanted to- not because I had to. Doing something for the simple enjoyment of doing it made the process incredibly therapeutic for me, and if I liked the final product, all the better!

I don’t have an underlying message or ethos I want to convey with this collection. I created these works on and in impulse, and that, for me, is meaning enough.

  • paint on canvas, various sizes





Let’s talk about baked dirt


When I was in college (about a year ago) I liked to experiment with different art classes. I actually got my degree in Historic Preservation (a story for a different time!) but I have always liked making things. I’d never taken a ceramics course before, and boy let me tell you I am glad I did! I loved it. It was a beginners course, and the professor didn’t even teach us how to use the wheel until the last month of the semester. I’ll be honest, I was terrible! The last assignment for the final was to come up with a perfect cylinder to show that we had mastered the basics of wheel throwing. This video isn’t mine, but it still has some good tips and the basics of the thing. Take a look!

Special shoutout to Lark Crafts on youtube. Here is the link to the channel.

The big thing is to create a grounded mound in the exact center of the wheel, and using your fingers to bring the clay up while keeping your thumbs in the center of the mound. Hypothetically, this will give you a cylinder that you can then bring out to make bowls, plates, cups, whatever!

I never go that far.


I REALLY like what I made- I love the shape! I made so many of them! They are all dishwasher safe and right now they are sitting in my closet… *sigh* But don’t get me wrong- I am totes aware that I am far from being a ceramic artist! I just thought I’d show what I could make. During the final critique my professor said that they were, “representative of the process.” I think I understand the art speak for that. But I also know that they looked cool so I was fine walking out with my B grade. (I think? I actually don’t remember.) All I know is that on my sketchbook my professor wrote, “Hope to see you in Ceramics 2!”

Alas. Twas not to be. I had to finish my actual degree and didn’t feel like taking the course. Kinda wish I did, to be honest. Guess that just means I’ll have to find a ceramics studio close to home and get my fix!! I’ll upload more pictures of my ceramics when I get a chance! TBH there are so many of them it’s going to take awhile.

If anyone has any tips, hit me up. Like seriously.